Foundation Cracks and Basement Cracks in Staten Island NY

Do you have ground water leaking into your basement foundation?

Altman’s Waterproofing specializes in basement waterproofing in Staten Island, NY & NJ! We can permanently repair your basement leak with our liquid epoxy injection process in Staten Island NY, NJ and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn how to permanently fix a basement leak in NY & NJ at (718) 698-0222.

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The Truth About Basement Waterproofing in NYC, Brooklyn and the Surrounding Areas

Unfortunately the sub-level, below grade basement waterproofing industry/business is a non-regulated, non-standardized procedural method. There are several theories and approaches to underground basement waterproofing in Staten Island, NY & NJ. However, this challenge is not one in which a more than one way to skin the cat approach can be taken. For foundation leak repair you cannot take more than one approach or method to fixing a solid poured concrete foundation. This type of basement foundation is the most popular, that is solid poured concrete consisting of ready mix tumbled cement poured from a cement mixer/truck into a foundation wall-form on top of a previously cement poured footing set in ground below the basement walls.

The only possible cause of water leakage/intrusion will be among four possible sources in a solid poured cement/concrete foundation.

Causes of Basement Water Leakage or Water Intrusion:

1) A wall crack running down the wall will typically run full height from bottom to top and throughout the entire thickness of the 10-12 inch wall.

2) A horizontal separation at the bottom of any perimeter wall where the wall and floor meet over the footing known as the key-way, existing most typically or commonly below each vertical wall crack in the form of an upside down T-shape, or even independently by itself. This water leak source along the bottom of a wall where the wall meets the floor, horizontally, is most always sadly mistaken for the need for a french drain trench-drainage system. In a solid cement poured concrete foundation the worst and most incorrect, (wrong), method or approach taken is a french drain trench because this method does not fix anything, it does not stop the water intrusion, it will cause or require breaking the internal side of the footing which will in-turn compromise the structural integrity of the entire foundation, and you will only be redirecting the water leakage some where else as well as increasing the volume of water intrusion.