Foundation Repair in Staten Island, NY

The structure of your home doesn’t stop with your floors. Underneath them is the foundation that the rest of your house depends on, and it is imperative that the base of your structure stays in good shape. We make that easy by providing all of your foundation repair in Staten Island, NY. If you ever start to notice a problem, all you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of it. We have a staff of experienced contractors who know how to fix foundations of all materials and sizes, no matter what their problems may be.

Failure in a home’s foundation can cause issues ranging from windows and doors not closing properly to houses and chimneys that lean. Professional foundation wall crack repair service is critical for your safety and that of your family as well as for the value of your home and its curb appeal. If your foundation is in poor shape, your home has lost its ability to protect you from Mother Nature and all of the elements.  We’re here to bring that ability back.

Why and When You Need Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in your home’s foundation aren’t something you can ignore. They can cause water to leak into your floors, particularly in your basement. We recommend calling our experts as soon as you notice anything wrong, because the worse the problem becomes, the more difficult and expensive it is to fix. By relying on us, you know the work will be done right the first time and that your home will be saved from sheer disaster.

One way to help make that happen is to keep an eye on your home’s structure to see if it needs any kind of repair in its foundation walls. Although the most obvious indication that you need foundation repair is a crack, some other warning signs to watch for include:

  • Your Walls Separating from Your House
  • Your Doors and Windows Aren’t Closing as They Should
  • Your Floors Are Sloping or Uneven
  • Your Doors, Windows, and Garage Doors Are Separating
  • Wall Rotation

Offering Everything Your Foundation Needs

There are other forms of foundation repair we can provide in addition to fixing foundation cracks. Our company specializes in basement waterproofing and also provides mold remediation and coatings for roofs and walls. Our goal is always to help our clients feel safe in their homes and keep those homes strong and steady through whatever occurs through the forces of nature.

Contact us for all of your foundation’s needs. We fix houses in Staten Island, New York, and the surrounding areas.